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Many organizations still operate with manual tracking and processing of employee requests and compliances, and as a result has a growing number of unresolved HR issues.

“iTalentPro’s DigitalTeamwork enables me to approve employee requests in the system instantly. iTalentPro is very responsive to our requests and resolves our concerns quickly and in a timely manner.” – A Multinational Conglomerate corporation.

Continuing to maintain manual approaches for tracking and resolving HR issues could lead to:

Employee requests being lost or overlooked.

Lack of immediate recognition when there is a work overload issue with employees.

Reduction in employee satisfaction and morale.

Decrease in employee engagement and productivity.

Negative impact on the ability of the enterprise to grow.

iTalentPro DigitalTeamwork system and technology reduces the complexity of handling employee requests and compliance concerns by automating and streamlining general tasks, and helping businesses operate in a give and take relationship culture to improve employee morale and productivity.

Increase employee engagement by giving them the freedom to handle their own concerns in real-time.

Develop a more dedicated and productive workforce by prompt response to requests.

Make employee’s life easier and more comfortable by providing them with tools that reduce the complexity of their work.

Enable employees to focus on doing activities of higher value by streamlining general tasks.

A valuable client who’s been with iTalentPro for almost a decade uses our DigitalTeamwork’s core modules which can automatically calculate overtime and tardiness into payroll. They also use hr- BIG which is a very powerful tool that converts real-time data into graphical presentation. It is user defined based on business needs for analysis and reporting. All the reports can be exported in word, PDF, excel, PowerPoint format. Furthermore, they also use Potential analysis module where they can launch computerized personal appraisals, user defined KPI criteria, employee self-evaluation, immediate categorization of level of performance and the performance report generations. Timely action to employee’s concerns develop a more dedicated and productive workforce.